Juice Cleanse

Our cleanse is a complete well-balanced, alkalizing nutritional plan. The average person can complete our detoxifying cleanse under normal life-conditions. No need to miss work or plan out the “perfect” time to cleanse. You can cleanse as frequently as you'd like and the perfect time to begin is NOW! You've only got one body and years of toxic build-up will not disappear on it's own. Challenge yourself to become a juice-cleanse-warrior...Your body will thank you!

What is a juice cleanse?

Simply put, a juice cleanse is the process of detoxifying your body by replacing food intake with easily digestible nutrition from raw, organic, fresh juices. Wait...did we just say replacing food with juice?? That's right! Believe it or not, this powerful cleanse has been proven to revitalize your gastro-intestinal system and sky-rocket your immune system! The human body is an amazing healing machine, but even the healthiest eaters are still exposed to modern-day toxins such as GMO's, pesticides, harsh cleaning products, environmental pollution, food additives, etc. The effects of these toxins bulid up over time, leading to chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, inflammation, decreased energy and dullness of hair, skin and nails. But FEAR NOT!! We have discovered the miracle of raw juice cleansing, and we're here to drop some knowledge. Your body is wise and knows exactly how to heal itself, which is exactly what it does when given a complete break from digesting food. Our raw juice cleanse will help you re-work your innate nutritional needs and ingrained eating habits. Best of all, it will jumpstart your metabolism! You will feel better all-around and glow from the inside, out!

Why organic? Why raw?

Organic is cleaner...and cleaner is better! Organic simply means NO pesticides, NO chemical fertilizers, NO growth stimulants and NO antibiotics. Just clean, nutritious fruits and veggies, picked from the Earth and delivered as-is! Raw veggies are uncooked, un-processed and un-altered. Juice must be 100% raw to retain the electrical power that all living organisms possess. Our juices have the golden combination...both organic AND raw! A cleanse with our alkalizing juices will rest and reset your digestive system. The longer your cleanse lasts, the more your body will heal!

How do I decide which cleanse is right for me?

If this is your first time, start with a short-term cleanse, such as 1 - 3 days. If you cleanse regularly, you'll likely opt for a 5 -7 day cleanse. Choose a cleanse that you feel confident you can complete! The longer you cleanse, the more toxins you will eliminate. However, results may be effected by factors such as stress, pollution, genetics, diet and lifestyle. The good news is that you can cleanse as often as you'd like! Start slow and work your way up. We'll be cheering you on...You've got nothing to lose but toxins and fatigue! Make sure to follow the pre-cleanse steps listed below for optimal transition to a liquid diet.

How do I prepare for a juice cleanse?

Preparation is the key to success! Your body will transition smoothly if you give it a 1-3 day heads up on what's coming. This means reducing your intake of processed foods, refined carbs, white flour (white bread/pasta), refined sugar, caffeine, meat and dairy. What's left to eat? Just about every fruit, veggie, nut and whole grain on the planet! There's plenty of foods you can eat while preparing, just be sure to eat smaller portions every 2-3 hours, mirroring the cleanse intake. Drink plenty of water and green tea, eat salads and keep your eyes on the prize. Think of the diet-change as a pre-cleanse. The cleaner your system is before the juice cleanse, the more benefits you will reap!

During the Juice Cleanse

Will I be hungry?

The better you prepare during the week prior, the less likely you are to feel any hunger. The juices are nutritious and filling. However, the habit of eating a meal every 4 hours is hard to overcome, so it's possible that a craving can sneak up on you. Do your best to stay disciplined...Be a juice-cleanse-warrior! You're fighting to rid your body of its enemies and restore good health. This is a short-lived battle; only a few days, which can add tremendous health and longevity to your body. Eyes on the prize...this is a battle you want to win!

Can I eat or drink anything outside of the cleanse?

For optimal results, try not to stray from the cleanse plan. Remember, cleanse-warrior, you are in the process of flushing toxins, so drink plenty of water (a minimum of 40 ounces per day in addition to the cleanse). Water with organic lemon as well as herbal tea will only enhance your results. For any nausea, hot water with lemon and/or ginger is acceptable. An evening Smooth Move tea would also be..well...a smooth move.

Will I experience side effects?

If this is your first time cleansing, you may experience some unpleasant sensations caused by your body's detoxification. Headaches, fatigue and nausea may occur for first-time cleansers, but fear not! This is normal and it's a sign that your body is actively working to detox. The worse the side-effects, the more toxic your system was. Drink plenty of water and remember, there's a silver lining behind that cloud! Once the unpleasant feelings subside, you will have renewed energy and clarity! If symptoms continue, please consult your physician.

Can I exercise during my cleanse?

Lighter than normal exercise is recommended for best cleanse results. Your body will need to retain energy so that it can focus on detoxing and cleansing itself. The decrease in caloric intake does not leave room for heavy exercise. This is the most rest-full battle you'll ever fight!

Ending the Juice Cleanse


The third phase or "post cleanse" is a 3-day return to normal functioning. The intestinal system is revived, your organs are detoxed and your body is thanking you...congrats!! It's up to you to maintain a clean system after your cleanse! You'll want to break the cleanse regimen slowly, starting with fluids, fresh juices, smoothies, fruit, parfaits, chia pudding, or sooup. No coffee, soda, tea, processed or bottled fruit-juices on the first day of post-cleanse.

Day 2 post-cleanse

Start eating light meals, veggies and fruits with your fluids. Avoid starchy vegetables like potato and corn.

Day 3 of post-cleanse

You are now an accomplished juice-cleanse-warrior!! You may resume eating normally, however, be conscious and selective of the foods you choose to nourish your newly revived body! Incorporate fresh plant-based foods into your regular diet, especially legumes and leafy greens. Processed, sugary, and hormone-laden foods are what caused the toxic build-up to begin with, so keep it clean, warrior!

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